Why Canon's C100mkii will outshine its 4k competitors.

Why Canon's C100mkii will outshine its 4k competitors.

When the original version of the Canon C100 was announced in 2012 it was received by a luke-warm reception at best.  The specs were underwhelming to most, AVCHD at a maximum 30 fps in "NTSC" mode. At the same time, Black Magic Design were releasing their new cinema camera with onboard raw recording for far less money to an extreme amount of hype.

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New Site is Up


The new site is up!  My production company Benzen Video Productions can produce a high end video to increase your online presence and tell your company's unique story.   

The site will showcase the current work for our clients and the services that we offer in Melbourne, Australia, drawing on experience gained in News and Production in Australia and the U.K. 

But if you aren't after any of that then don't fear, this blog will focus more on my own personal production experience, gear choice and general thoughts on the industry.

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